What to Wear

Normally you won’t need a Brazilian Jiujitsu gi for your first time trying out Jiujitsu. A fitted T-shirt with board shorts or sweat pants is ideal. You can talk to your instructor about buying your gi if you decide to continue training Jiujitsu.

Try to avoid clothes that have extra pockets or are very baggy! These are dangerous as they can catch your or your training partners fingers or toes, causing easily avoidable injury!


Make sure your finger and toenails are cut short. If you have long hair, you’ll want to put it up in a ponytail or bun during class. You should also remove any piercings to prevent injuries as jiujitsu is a contact sport and these can easily be pulled or caught!

Your First Class

You should try to arrive a few minutes early to introduce yourself to the instructor and check out the school. This will give you some time to get ready and reduce the chances of you missing anything in the class.

The Warmup

The majority of jiujitsu classes will start with some form of a group warm up to get the body moving, often including some kind of solo drills that touch on skills that you’ll use in Jiujitsu (like breakfalls or shrimping). Some of the solo drills will give you trouble starting out especially in your first few classes, just watch what everyone else is doing and try your best to copy them. The Instructor or a higher belt will help you learn to do them right!


After the warmups the Instructor will begin a demonstration of the first technique, you’ll be partnered with someone and will spend a while repeating this technique to get a feeling for it. The instructor will normally correct techniques as needed to help you get it correct. This is repeated for all techniques being thought on the day. Most Instructors will do a quick recap to cover the techniques from the week to keep it fresh in your head.

Live Training

After the techniques are finished, the class will begin some kind of live training this can either be full sparring (rolling) or positional rolling focusing on the position that was covered in the class. While live training is a large part of Jiujitsu it’s not required for you to try it during your first class if you don’t feel ready for it!

After Class

When live training ends the class may have a cooldown involving some stretches and a final close off by the instructor. Now is the time to talk to the instructor about any further questions or discussing continued training.

Some tips to get the most of your first class:

  • Ask questions!

If jiujitsu is new to you, you probably have a lot of questions. Most instructors are very happy to help and will answer any questions you have.

  • Set realistic expectations

Jiujitsu can be difficult to start so don’t expect to “Get it” right away, it takes time and patience so set expectations that won’t frustrate you

  • Have Fun!

At the end of the day its meant to be fun, try to enjoy the class and experience something new!

Hopefully, this article helped answer some questions about trying Jiujitsu for you! At T45 Jiujitsu we have classes for all levels of experience and fitness, and we’d love to welcome you to our gym!