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Foundations Jiujitsu


So, you’ve just finished our Beginners course?  Or perhaps you already have experience in Brazilian Jiujitsu and you want to prepare yourself before jumping into our All-levels classes? Maybe you’re looking for a relaxed environment where you can be introduced to the sport at your own pace?

T45 Jiujitsu Brazilian Jiujitsu Foundations class has been designed with these questions in mind. We know that learning a new skill can be tough, especially martial arts. But everyone is a beginner at the start! In fact, T45 Jiujitsu has only been open since 2018, so most of our students had no prior experience before coming.

Even our highest-level students will often come back to the Foundations Classes to touch up their knowledge of the core of Jiujitsu, which account for 90% of everything you’ll do in the sport. Figure out the basic concepts and you’re set for a long and prosperous BJJ journey.


The Foundations classes take place four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday). We have a diverse range of students and due to the broad range of topics being taught, these classes are some of our most popular. This means you will never find a lack of students to practice against in your own weight group or skill range.

The Foundations class are both Gi (Kimono) and Nogi (Shorts and Tshirts). However, you can always come in gym gear if you’re unsure what to bring and just get stuck in!


T45 Jiujitsu is lucky enough to have a qualified Yoga for BJJ instructor. Our classes all begin with a dynamic yoga-based warmup, the warmups change from class to class but the priority always is warming up and stretching your body for the Jiujitsu class ahead.


Following the warm-up, your instructors will teach you a series of progressive moves focusing on a specific area (module) of the BJJ game.

Let’s say our focus in a week is Guard Retention or Guard Sweeps, we’ll start by covering the important concepts around the technique. This will be followed by a specific move set which will be demonstrated to all the students, giving everyone the opportunity to view the breakdown of the details from all angles.

We start with each technique, demonstrating the ‘need to know’ aspects slowly and clearly, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and fine-tune any details that students are unsure about.

Once the move is demonstrated and everyone is satisfied, students will divide themselves into pairs (usually based on weight or skill level), before drilling that technique repetitively until both training partners feel confident in their understanding.

At first, we encourage the details to be practised slowly. BJJ is not about brute strength, you should be able to complete a move based on positioning and alignment


After all the techniques of the class have been taught and drilled, we finish the class with sparring. Sparring takes place in rounds, and the goal is to try and put your learning into practice in a real situation with a resisting partner.

Often we also do what is known as Positional Sparring, which is where you start in a particular position and you have a specific goal to achieve; for example, a sweep, pass or submission.

Both of these types of live training are what makes Jiujitsu both a practical martial art and good workout! It’s common to be very tired after a few sparring rounds.


As with all our classes, please note the following:

  • Arrive to class on time or preferably 5 minutes early so you don’t miss out on the warm up
  • Trim your nails, remove piercings – personal hygiene is an absolute must
  • Bring a big bottle of water

For specific training times, please refer to our timetable by clicking here.


Newcomers to the sport, or students who have completed our Beginners course are eligible to join our Foundations program.

T45 Jiujitsu Head Coach and BJJ Brown Belt Ciaran takes our Foundations program, this is to ensure the newcomers to the sport get a high level of coaching.

The Foundations is taught in both Gi and Nogi. If you do not own a Gi, you can come to class in regular gym gear. That said, we encourage you to buy a Gi as soon as possible if you’re going to continue training Brazilian Jiujitsu!

Speak to any of our coaches and they’ll help you out. T45 has access to discounts from a number of Jiujitsu Gi Brands and we’ll point you in the right direction for your first Gi!

In BJJ Foundations, we cover a large array of techniques that will help you create a foundational knowledge of Jiujitsu. This Core will help you build your “game” to blue belt level or higher.

The Academy is located in Unit 13, Ballincurra Business Park, Midleton, Cork